Women Veterans of New Mexic0

Mission-Board-By Laws

Our Mission

Women Veterans of New Mexico is dedicated to serving she who served through education and advocacy.

Our objectives

  • Provide information, resources and support to New Mexcio women veterans.
  • Conduct outreach to female veterans in New Mexico.
  • Ensure VA and DVS are responsive to gender specific needs of women veterans.
  • Conduct fundraising activities to continue our mission.
  • Provide social events for women veterans to enhance camaraderie.
  • Provide a collaborative forum to learn and discuss challenges unique to women veterans.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities to support our mission

Your Board
  • President - Sara Galpin
  • 1st Vice President - Dorothy Seaton
  • 2nd Vice President - Chris Sautter
  • Secretary - Gloria Gutierrez
  • Assistant Secretary - vacant
  • Treasurer - Donna Labatt
  • Assistant Treasurer - Myra Powers
  • Supportive Services -vacant
  • Supportive Services, Historian - vacant
  • Media Services - vacant
  • Past-President-Advisor - Pat Gaston

We also have a Las Cruces Unit and a Santa Fe Unit.
Contact us for more information.

Final By-Laws Jan 24, 2015  Approved by Members

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