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Women Veterans of New Mexic0


Women Veterans of New Mexico is a Federal 501(c)3 Non-profit organization

Women Veterans of New Mexico is run by volunteers.   

Welcome to Women Veterans of New Mexico!

P O Box 36648
Albuquerque, NM 87176

 Contact Phone: (505) 358-0839



Greetings Sister Veterans,

These are exciting times for our organization. With nearly 11 years under our belts, like my kitchen, it is time for a bit of updating! In January, you elected a new Board with fresh faces from across the state that brings a diverse set of skills, abilities and knowledge to our mission: “Serving she who served!”
Recently, the new Board sat down and mulled over what our organization should look like going forward. As with my kitchen, the Women Veterans of New Mexico (WVNM) family has outgrown its space. Where once WVNM nicely fit in Albuquerque, the current 17,000 + women veteran family now extends across the Land of Enchantment, including our members.
This makes clear that we must bust out a wall or two, to make space to accommodate the growing number of family members who want to join in. The specific remodel plans will come from you.
First, as with my kitchen remodel, we must know where to create space and for how many. If you would like a WVNM group to meet in your area, the new board will support our sister veterans establishing a place to gather, swap stories, enjoy the camaraderie and mutual support we all long for.
Second, we are coming to you. By joining with NMDVS Women Veterans Program Coordinator, Melanie Suazo, in a series of Women Expos being held around the state in 2017, we will be able to meet you in your community. These Women’s Expos are no boring veteran meetings. Besides the standard informational briefings, there will spa services! Yes, spa services! Hair, nails, massage, etc. I’ve already been to one and I’m not kidding! And, you are invited.
This WVNM ‘kitchen’ remodel is moving ahead quickly and when done there will be room for us all. A new group is currently forming in Espanola; Silver City and Las Vegas may be next. Details are available on our website and Facebook page. Join or renew your membership (no dues required) and we will send you updates.
In the meantime, do come join us as we’d love to see you at your ‘kitchen’ table.

 Sara Galpin, President

Women Veterans of New Mexico want all who can, to participate!

For this purpose, we no longer collect dues.
If you are renewing, just fill out changes and submit.

Women Veterans of New Mexico (WVNM) has many ongoing projects, such as filling the gap for homeless women veterans transitioning into housing, assisting in Stand Downs for homeless women veterans across the state, aiding those in emergency, hosting events throughout the year to promote camaraderie along with participating in veteran events around the state.

If you are not already a member, this is a personal invitation to join us and make a difference with your talents and memberships. Your donations go to accomplish our missions of supporting and advocating for our sister veterans throughout the state. Your time is greatly appreciated in helping us to help our fellow women veterans.

Together we can make great things happen!

If you are renewing and there are fields below that have no changes,
put an asterisk (*) in the space to fill the field so you can submit it. 

Equine Therapy Connections and Southwest Horsepower Offering Free Activities

EAP is a powerful, non-traditional experiential therapy which guides the clients to learn about themselves and others through the use of horses. Clients participate in hands-on therapeutic activities designed and facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Clinician and an Equine Specialist to address their treatment goals. The therapies are tailored to fit each client’s needs and focus on the relationship between the client and the horse(s). This interaction often tends to mirror personal life issues, behaviors and attitudes. This effective and unique therapeutic method serves to bypass the intellect and facilitates a healing internal emotional connection. All work is provided by an EAGALA Certified team.
FREE monthly workshops with horses offered from 9am-2:30pm
Lunch, snacks and drinks provided. Enjoy activities in nature with horses. For more info, see the flyer or
North Valley: call Debi 505-414-8467                       South Valley: call Win 505-228-1468

Women's Mentoring Network

The New Mexico Group of Women's Mentorship Network (WMN) is an all-volunteer, decentralized, values-based organization dedicated to the mentorship of Military Women. The network is member-run and provides dynamic mentorship through periodic, structured mentorship circles, meetings, and events. 
To join and find events, sign up for and search for WMN or
find them on Facebook:

Horses For Heroes - New Mexico, Inc.

Our program is tailored to each individual participant and is designed to help men and women veterans and active military to develop new skills, re- sharpen others, and reshape attitudes needed to transition into civilian life. Our programs assist veterans to refit, regroup and recalibrate the soul of warriors through the way of the horse. The program’s focus is on resiliency and Post Traumatic Healing. These two elements work in natural alignment as we help to educate, rehabilitate, and most importantly empower veterans by supporting them in their journey for healing.
Cowboy Up! Blog
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