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WVNM Membership

 Women Veterans of New Mexico want all who can, to participate!

For this purpose, we no longer collect dues. If you are renewing, just fill out any changes to your information and submit. Women Veterans of New Mexico (WVNM) has many ongoing projects, such as filling the gap for homeless women veterans transitioning into housing, assisting in Stand Downs for homeless women veterans across the state, aiding those in emergency, hosting events throughout the year to promote camaraderie along with participating in veteran events around the state.

If you are not already a member, this is a personal invitation to join us and make a difference with your talents and memberships. Your donations go to accomplish our missions of supporting and advocating for our sister veterans throughout the state. Your time is greatly appreciated in helping us to help our fellow women veterans.

Together we can make great things happen!

If you are renewing and there are fields that have no changes, put an asterisk (*) in the space to fill the field so you can submit it.